The annual piano recital at the end of the school year and the Christmas holiday concert are a very important and exciting part of Family Joy of Music. Our students, regardless of age or experience have an opportunity to share their talents in front of friends and family. It is beneficial for any student child or adult to participate, where they can display their knowledge and growth while gaining confidence, raising self esteem and simply enjoying themselves performing in public.

It is rewarding  not just for me as a teacher but for parents and families  to see the proud sparkle in their children’s eyes and to be able to commit and achieve the goal, learn new piece and deliver to the audience! but most important is that all the children are happy and proud of themselves.

Let’s make this happen together!  let’s build great memories, share love for music and give life long  piano skills to our children!  Parents  playing any instruments and singing are welcome to be a part of our concerts as a solo or as a duet performers with their children. 


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