🎶Group Class Policy


🎶 All classes begin on time! Please arrive 5-10 min prior to class in order to give yourself time to prepare and make music with your child/children.

🎶 Please leave toys, food at home or in the car as it might cause a distraction and take away enjoyment from the class not only for your child but for other students.

🎶 We encourage you to socialize, make new friends, taking pictures before or after class, but please not during the class. Being a role model for your child and showing respect by participating in class will help your child in future school settings.

🎶 If your child is sick, please stay home for the safety of your child and other children. Two make-up classes per session will be available as soon as more classes are formed and you be able to attend to any class within the same session. No make up classes and/or refunds at this time.

🎶 If your child has any type of medical condition it is imperative to let Guzyal know. She will make the necessary adjustments for your child to be comfortable during class making music. (All Information is confidential).

🎶 Students who become disruptive during class will be asked to take a moment outside of the classroom and will be welcomed back in after calming down.

🎶 Please do not get upset and discouraged if your child is quiet in the class and is not much of a participator. Some children will be quiet during class but will sing songs they learn in class at home. Please do not compare your child with others and continue to participate yourself by having a good time and making music with your precious one.

🎶 Regardless of your singing ability; voice, pitch, rhythm… Please be active and participate and our class will be a success.

🎶 “The Harmony Road” class, and “The Young Musician” class are designed for a child and a parent to take the lessons together. Each child must have an accompanying family member in the class. Sorry, no exceptions!

🎶 If the school district is closed due to inclement weather, we will be closed. If the school district is delayed, we will be holding classes as scheduled.

🎶 Private Piano Lessons Policy


🎶 Private piano lessons take place on the same day and same time each week during school year, August to May.

🎶 Summer schedule will be available for students to register in April.

🎶 Please arrive in class on time as lessons begin and end at the appointed time. Sorry, no exceptions for accommodating a late student.

🎶 If a student is more than 15 min late, the lesson is considered a missed lesson and student will be charged.

🎶 If teacher is not present at appointed time, the student is expected to wait for 15 min before leaving school. The lessons will be given another time or will be extended.

🎶 If the student for any reason cannot attend the class please call the school 24 hour in advance to cancel the class and schedule a make up lesson.

🎶 There is no refund for missed or canceled lessons! We offer 3 make up classes per semester (August – January and February – May) only with a proper 24 hour in advance cancellation.

🎶 Payments are made for the entire month and are due on the preceding months last class.

🎶 Tuition Policy


🎶 We accept cash, or check.

🎶 All payments need to be paid in full for group music lessons.

🎶 There is a $20 fee for a returned check.

🎶 There is no refunds or make-ups for a canceled lessons. Three make up lessons for private piano classes available in the same semester with 24 hrs notice